Unknown Pest in Your Home

Just Because You Dont See Them Dosnt Mean You are Free of Pests?
Just because you cant see bugs does not mean they are not in your home. We too often feel that we have a pest free home. This is mainly because we don’t have over-bearing bug infestations in plain sight in your home. You will probably be surprised to know that most major pest infestations start out with any major disturbance to your daily life. It is usually not until the problem is out of control.
When your home has this kind of infestation you will typically spend hundreds to get rid of these pests.  It is situations like this we typically run into when doing indoor pest control. We always suggest doing preventative bug spraying to make sure that this problem doesn’t occur in the first place. Call Local Edge Lawn care and see how we can help prevent your home from becoming a bug squatting paradise.

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