Local Edge offers Weekly Lawn Care Service for all of Salt Lake County. Our weekly lawn services can include mowing, blowing, trimming, and whatever else you think your yard could benefit from on a weekly schedule. One of the main benefits of having our weekly lawn service is knowing that even when your life is busy, or the weather outside is too hot, Local Edge will make sure the job is done for you.

With our professional Lawn Mowing service you can stop worrying about when your lawn will get done. Local Edge Lawn Care will put your property on a set schedule every week, and our customers love it since they know within a 30 minute window of when we will show up to service your home for that week. It only change for holidays, or inclement weather.

Some benefits to having Local Edge do your regular lawn mowing for you is:

  • Having your Lawn Mowed, Trimmed, and Blown for that professional look everyone strives for.
  • We adhere to a schedule you can depend on!
  • Because we show up within a 30 minute window on the same day of each week, if you’re a pet owner there is no need to worry if your loved one needs to be penned up all day wondering if and when we will show up.
  • As we enter your back yard we make sure the gate is shut every time, even if we are just switching equipment.
  • Accidents happen. We try to be as careful as we possibly can, but we are still human and sometimes make mistakes. If for some reason we accidentally break a sprinkler head while we’re mowing, Local Edge will fix it at no cost to you, without any questions.

My husband is out of town a lot with work and when hes home the last thing he wants to do is lawn care. I found these guys a couple of years ago and it has been a real convenient for us. I don’t have to worry about a thing in my yard including weeds. – Google Places Review

Don’t wait start saving yourself the hassle and hire a professional. With Local Edge Lawn Care on you side you will never have to worry about your lawn getting its weekly lawn mowing. Pick up your phone and call us today to schedule your FREE estimate.


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