Drip Sprinkler and Bubble Sprinkler

Debating Between Drip Sprinkler and Bubble Sprinkler?

When it comes to your lawn it is common knowledge a sprinkler system is needed. Many people don’t realize that they also need special sprinkler systems for gardens and small flower beds. The two main systems used in these situations are a drip sprinkler system or a bubbler sprinkler system.

The main use for a drip sprinkler system is when it comes to a garden or large rows of flower beds. This is particularly effective in these areas because this sprinkler type is effective over a large area. It also can help conserve water and avoid over watering. A bubbler sprinkler system is made for smaller gardens or flow beds. It is also commonly used for small shrubs and trees. This system is useful in these areas mainly due to its ability to provide consistent water flow. They can also target specific areas making sure that your watering is not going to waste. Many of these options are not thought of when our competitors are hired to install sprinkler systems. With our experience we understand the need for not just a sprinkler system but the proper solution for your particular watering needs. So call Local Edge Lawn Care and see how we can get you the sprinkler system you need.

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