Final Application of Fertilization

Get Ready for Fall Apply Your Final Application of Fertilization
As fall approaches we are all reminded to get ready for winter. This does not just apply to the festivities coming up. It also includes your yard and making sure that it is ready for the snow. Even more important it is getting your lawn ready for next spring. This can help ensure that you won’t be scrambling to get your lawn in order as summer approaches. Something you can do to get your lawn ready, is apply fertilizer.
The best way to apply this last application is to first cleanup your yard. This clean up should help get rid of leaves and other debris. After the fall cleanup you can mow your lawn for the last time. This will help promote new growth as well as help the lawn get ready for additional moisture. Now that both steps are complete now your lawn is ready for the final application of fertilizer. This will help your lawn get the best head by the time next spring comes around. Since this can be so paramount to your lawns success do not put it off. Give us a call and let us come and get your lawn ready for winter and the upcoming spring.

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