Over Watering Costs Money

Over Watering Costs Money and Can Cause Lawn Diseases
When we are out on the job we run into all sorts of problems that plague lawns. One of the biggest mistakes we typically see is overwatering. People tend to think over watering is not a big deal and that the lawn can just deal with it naturally. What many people do not know is overwatering can lead to several lawn diseases.
A few common lawn diseases due to overwatering are Pythium Blight, Leaf Spots, Snowmold. Pythium Blight is cause mainly by poor drainage in a yard mixed with high temperatures. Leaf Spots typically occur when moist leaves are left unattended and infect spot on your lawn with fungus. Snow Mold happens with snow is not particularly frozen and constantly is moistening the grass causing fungus to form. The main prevention for all of these lawn diseases is proper yard clean up and ensuring that your lawn is getting the proper amount of water and not being over watered. We can help not only identify trouble areas but correct them as well.

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