Weekly vs. Bi-weekly Lawn Care

Good Lawn Care doesn’t just happen; it is a conscience choice and requires constant maintenance.   Healthy lawns require weekly mowing.  There’s just no getting around it.  It’s easy to think that bi-weekly lawn care will make your life easier but it usually makes it more difficult.  Think about it.  It’s not just the fact of having twice the growth to cut; it’s also a matter of having at least double the water content in the grass.  Longer grass decreases the rate of evaporation.  The chute of the lawn mower gets clogged, wet grass sticks to the underside of the mower, bending over and emptying the grass catcher doubles, and large clumps of grass tend to get deposited around the lawn which kills the grass in that spot if it is left there.  It can easily triple the time it takes to mow your lawn.


Weekly Mowing 2


Weekly lawn care can help your lawn maintain a green, lush look.  Grass needs sunlight and when the blades are allowed to grow too long too consistently, the lower part of the blade begins to turn yellow.  Weekly lawn care allows plenty of sun to penetrate the grass and keep your lawn looking green.  It also decreases fungus risk because the soil isn’t allowed to become swampy.  Additionally, weeds are able to hide beneath the long blades and develop a strong root before they can be noticed and sprayed or removed.  Finally, the various problems spoken about earlier in this post are, for the most part, eliminated.  At the end of the day, weekly lawn care is by far the better way to go to maintain a healthy lawn.

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